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Here Gentlemen, you will find acceptance. Whether you are a panty boy, sissy, secret cross dresser, or just a man who enjoys a Dominate phone sex mistress.
You are invited to take our totally free tour. You my Darling must decide if you want to become a member to view our new specialty photos, to have access to our Library and our discreet specialty shops.
This website is an ongoing labor of love, tailored specifically to the needs of sensual panty loving men, men who are in charge all day long and need a phone sex mistress to release from their stress intense day; designed for both dominate and submissive men, this website's main focus is to help bring a bit of balance to a male in the 21st century's life.
Featured on, also known as are photo sequences of phone sex mistress fantasies most of you sissies, petticoat punishment, panty story lover's have only privately dreamed about. The photos of dominate phone mistresses are representative of the whole phone sex panty fantasy experience you think about as you stroke your clitty stick during a custom live talk phone call with a phone sex mistress at our toll free number 1-866-246-2666.
Some of the most powerful and sexy dominate femdom phone mistresses of the twenty-first century grace these pages, as well as the panty boys who help them create reenactments of past and present forced feminization pictorial photo essays.
Read an excerpt from one of our novelettes, complete with spicy pictures inserted throughout, written expressly to titillate, tease, and arouse our panty boys and secret cross dressers. Sample excerpts of our short nasty sweet 900 number stories are available as well.
Listings of other services available are included. Live telephone calls with Phone Sex Mistresses are for entertainment purposes only. Our telephone consultants are not psychologists and you should always check with your physician before making any life changes.
This isn't a "kootchie" website, if you are looking for demeaning photographs of women, go elsewhere... the web is full of those sites. This website is devoted to sensual tease and denial, your most popular secret panty fantasies... It consists of mostly "soft" photos. Escalating to more and more explicit, yet soft- fantasy photos. I did not buy these photographs from overseas. All pictures are custom shot, much thought and time is put into the poses, sets, clothing, or lack of it, and especially... the panty fantasies themselves. This website shows the whole body, the faces of the fem/dom particpants, not just close ups of pantied crotches.
Your screen name will never be photographed or sold. is a website I Web-Mistress it myself. No one will ever contact you by any method other than e-mail. If you do not wish to be contacted with special offers, just drop me a line using the e-mail icon found at the bottom of every page on this site. Your privacy and our discretion is assured. No "pop-up adds" are displayed on this website. No "spys" will photograph your IP address and send you unwanted pornographic offers.
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Remember, we here at can not vouch for the behavior of our associate links and banners. Remember; Caveat Emperor when stepping off the path to the pink door.
Advertising is tasteful and kept to a minimum.
Please peruse samples of our specialty photo gallery. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone.
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